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An original nickel alloy plating technology developed by Kobe Steel Ltd.(Surface treatment technology)

ENIFINE is more than 10 times stronger in its disinfecting power, over 50 times more powerful in mold-protection compared to conventional anti-bacterial material.

Applicable to anodized aluminum, paint and printing processing apparatus.

Application history in various fields.

Could be used by everyone for sanitary management or developing new business!

Power of KENIFINE Anti-virus quality Animal coronavirus test results 26.5°C



The area around the body is kept clean
with excellent antibacterial force

Since it is printed with special ink containing a KENIFINE powder with excellent antibacterial performance, it is possible to suppress the qrowth of bacteria attached to the string, and to maintain a clean state. (It is also confirmed to be safe on the skin.)


Relieved because test is based on real product data

Relieved because test is based on real product data

With convenient high-performance parts

It is ideal for use in fields dealing with medical, nursing care and food products.

  • A-type
  • A-type
  • Safety Parts.
  • Chest hooks that conveniently rotates 360 degrees.
  • Removable parts that can be used as name tags by removing the strap.
  • Length of String is adjustable.
  • B-type
  • B-type
  • Safety Parts.
  • Removable pine needle parts.
  • Hanging hook.
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Smartphone Cover

Hotbed of the same bacteria as the toilet in the cover!

Familiar goods also safe and clean with
excellent antibacterial pwrformance

  • Printing is done with special ink containing excellent antibacterial performance KENIFINE™ powder.
  • Growth of bacteria attached to the seal surface is inhibited to keep the inside of the case in a clean state.

Just paste the seal

Relieved because test is based on real product data

Relieved because test is based on real product data

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Antibacterial plate

It is possible to suppress the occurrence of mold and slime,
to maintain cleanliness

  • In bathrooms
    In bathrooms
  • In trash pockets
    In trash pockets

Effect is long-lasting

Antibacterial test

Antibacterial test

Antifungal test

Antifungal test

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About us


About us

“Wholeheartedly” - Since the establishment of TAKASHU KAGAKU in 1931, this word has been our mission statement and served as our lesson learned. From order receipt to delivery, our employees together work day and night under the feelings of all our users. It will be our pleasure if everyone is satisfied even a little with our plating products that are produced using the tradition and technology that has been built up over many years, as well as state-of-the-art facilities.

Company Profile

  • Address3654, Koike, Tsubame-city, Niigata-pref., 959-1276, Japan
  • PresidentMasayuki Takahashi


  • April 1931Shuzaburo Takahashi (former mayor of Tsubame City) started the company
    as Takashu Kagaku Kogyosho.
    The company was engaged in silver plating of knives, forks, spoons and
    other materials for busineess and personal use.
  • May 1958Jinichi Takahashi took over as president following the death of Shuzaburo Takahashi.
  • Decemver 1968Reorganized as a corporate entity
    Established Takashu Kagaku Co., Ltd.
  • July 1973Moved factory to current location(within Koike Industrial Park)
  • September 1985Built Second factory. Introduced state-of-the-art full automatic plating machinery.
  • Decemver 1985Started plating of aerospace parts
  • February 1994Contributed to the launching of the locally manufactured large rocket H2.
  • March 1994Started plating of shoes to be worn by babies call First Shoes Plating
  • January 1996Jinichi Takahashi took over as president following the death of Shuzaburo Takahashi.
  • September 1996Jinichi Takahashi became the mayor of Tsubame city,resigned as
    Chairman and became a director.
  • November 2000Signed a license agreement with Kobe Steel for antibacterial plating technology
  • April 2008Using antibacterial plating KENIFINE™,
    we started production of antibacterial plates and kitchenware.
  • August 2008We constructed a wastewater treatment facility
  • December 2010Obtained JIS Q 9100(Aerospace Management System)Certification
  • December 2013Antibacterial strap production start
  • August 2015Start of manufacturing products for the three medical equipment

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