Takashu Kagaku Co.,LTD. mainly three products currently (Nursing Cart, Infusion Pump Stand, and Door Handle) offers.
■Nursing Cart is a cart that put such as therapeutic consumables and drugs necessary for ward physician at the site of the medical and nursing care is around and examination of the patient.
■ Infusion Pump Stand is a stand with casters required when a patient in need of an infusion to move while receiving an infusion.
■ Door Handle is used when you open and close medical care, welfare and long-term care facility in an external door.
These products, we will have a product that often seen everyday. As a common matter of these products, it is simply just intended to be used in the field that need to prevent nosocomial infection not only to guarantee the durability.
In our company by applying the antibacterial plating KENIFINE™ on the surface in these products, it has achieved suppression of nosocomial infection.
The following data was compared with the antimicrobial test at the things and made of polyethylene that has been subjected to KENIFINE™. Made of polyethylene, whereas the number of bacteria increases in proportion to the time elapsed, KENIFINE™ E. coli after about four hours, now 0 to Staphylococcus aureus both.
② Antifungal
KENIFINE™ also has an excellent feature to antifungal properties not in silver and copper. This is demonstrated also effective in the moisture of adhesion and humid environment. Sterling silver plate on the basis of the JIS standard, pure copper, silver-plated plate, and gave a fungus resistance test test using the four kinds of KENIFINE™plated plate. As a result, sterling silver plate after 28 days, a pure copper plate, but silver-plated plate mold has occurred, is a plate which has been subjected to KENIFINE™plating did not allow the growth of mold.



Black koji mold laboratory test / 48 hours


Black fungus resistance test / 28 days (JIS Z 2911: 2000)

(-): Do not allow the growth of the mycelium of the fungus.
(+): Admit a slightly growth of the hyphae of the fungus.
(++) – (+++): The significant sequential mycelia of mold growth.


Niigata Prefecture Environmental Health Research Institute (TamakiKen K No. 569-1)


Other features include KENIFINE™ is scratch-resistant compared to normal stainless steel. For example, the hardness of the austenitic stainless steel for about 200HV, the hardness of the product which has been subjected to KENIFINE™ there are about 500HV. Corrosion-resistant at our company
KENIFINE™ C treatment for the purpose of color fastness. Here is the specification for performing chrome plating on top of the KENIFINE™. By doing this, chromium become a unique beautiful appearance finish, hardness will also be a hard film than about 700HV. In addition, G process was plated with gold, so we deal also S processing which has been subjected to special Silver, please feel free to contact us.



③Anti-Virus、Algae resistance

These are the bacteria antibacterial KENIFINE™ has been verified. (Including data that have been identified in the way of your customers)


Viral inactivation Algae resistance
・Influenza virus type A H1N1 ・Chlorella
・Bovine coronavirus ・Scenedesmus
・Qβ phage ・Oscillatoria Raeteberensu
・T4 Phage
・Lambda phage


④Color Fastness


Name Color Fastness
Type A Type C
5% salt spray PC NC
Artificial seawater PC NC
 Sodium hypochlorite  PC NC
 Industrial thinner NC NC
 Machine Oil  NC NC
 Benzene NC NC

*NC = No Change,  PC = Partially Changed

<Antiseptic solution&Washing solution>

Name Color Fastness
Type A Type C
 Alcohol  NC NC
 Formaldehyde  NC NC
 10% Acrinol  NC NC
Benzethonium chloride  PC NC
 Chlorine-based detergent  NC NC
 Alkaline detergent  NC NC
 Oil dirt detergent  PC NC
 Drying finishing agent  PC NC

*NC = No Change,  PC = Partially Changed

*Type A is KENIFINE™ Plated, and Type C is KENIFINE™ Plated with Chromium coat on the top.


Cross sectional view of Type A and Type C.

Type A is the nickel-specific glossy color, type B will have a chromium-specific blue.

⑤Hardness: Approximately 500HV

⑥Toughness: No crack found in the diamond indenter 20KG.

⑦Impact resistance:No crack found in 500g-500mm (DuPont impact test)

⑧Thermal shock resistance:After 300 ℃ cycle heat treatment, there was no tape peeling in 1mm crosscuts.



When subject is KENIFINE™ Plated, the appearance of the product will finish more beautiful. Type A is vivid color in nickel color, Type C stand out elegant blue seems to chromium.For general stainless steel hardness 187HV, you can to enhance and subjected to a KENIFINE™ is Type A hardness is about 500HV, the function value up to about 700HV and subjected to the chromium of Type C on it.

KENIFINE™ is a registered trademark of Kobe Steel, Ltd.

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