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get ready for MEDICA 2017! (5H22)

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Good morning to you all! Thank you for following Takashu Kagaku’s blog, and we really appreciate it a lot. We would like to announce you that we had a wonderful first day of MEDICA 2017 yesterday. I, Yasuyuki Takahashi the CEO of Takashu will be standing at the booth for today as well. Our booth is located at Hall 5 H22 so please feel free to come and stop by!

This year, we are introducing brand new anti-bacterial smartphone seal and anti-bacterial neck straps. You can take a look product flyers on above. The anti-bacterial lab. test is based on JIS Z 2801 and JIS L2901.(JIS standards for anti-bacterial is almost as same as ISO 22196:2007)

The definition of anti-bacterial is to decrease the number of its bacterial, virus, mold, and germ by hours. Both smartphone seal and neck straps can be performed great in hospital and nursing home field to prevent internal infection. Further more information, you may ask to me at the booth!