Prevent infection


Multi-function anti-bacterial coating technology KENIFINE™

What is KENIFINE™?

  • Specialty nickel antibacterial plating technology developed by KOBE STEEL Ltd. with outstanding anti-bacterial (over 10 times stronger), anti-mildew (over 50 times stronger), anti-algal and anti-virus properties, compared to conventional antibacterial materials.
  • TAKASHU KAGAKU Co., Ltd. obtained a license for KENIFINE™ technology in 2002 from KOBE STEEL Ltd.
  • Our company performs four types of plating, powder manufacturing, printing processing that utilized the powder, as well as sales of their application products.



  1. Since the development of KENIFINE™ in 2002, many customers have utilized it, making us the number one in its application performance.
  2. Our company is the only company that can perform gold processing and special silver processing.
  3. Our actual results in KENIFINE™ powder is also long. Almost all KENIFINE™ powder allkications utilize powder made by our company.
  4. We not only accept plating contracts, but also are putting mush effort into manufacturing and sale of plating products. Original logo mark engraving is also possible.
  5. While constantly looking out for plating quality, we also have abundant independent data on antibacterial properties, and the like. (See supplementary data)

Contact TAKASHU KAGAKU for any matters relating to KENIFINE™!

1.Antibacterial plating Processing

Materials on which KENIFINE™ plating is possible
Stainless steel, Copper alloy, Aluminum alloy, Titanium, etc.

Applicable KENIFINE™ plating sizes
Standard specification (A Processing) 1300mm x 600mm x 700mm
Chrome specification (C Processing) 900mm x 380mm x 700mm
Gold specification 700mm x 350mm x 700mm
Special silver specification 300mm x 300mm x 600mm

For sizes larger than these and plating thickness, please contact us.

2.Antibacterial powder

KENIFINE™ powder size
About 5-30 micron

3.Antibacterial Print Processing

Please consult with us.

4.Various Antibacterial Processing Products and Equipment manufacturing

We help with the development of new products.
Notwithstanding plating processing, from plating products to printing products, our company can manufacture products from start to finish. Please consult with us.


Brochure of KENIFINE™ is here!